About Saint Pablo's

If you're like us, some of your best memories involve good company, good music, and of course good food and drink. In our experience, tacos tend to attract all of these, so nothing makes us happier than to share our joy and passion with others. We want to have a good time doing what we love, but of course the food has to be exceptional as well.


The Mexican kitchen is full of depth and complexity but can also be reduced to beautiful simplicity. Preparing quality ingredients well and making them sing to the best of their abilities is what our food is about. Made from scratch to bring you high quality food that you're happy to trade of few of your hard earned Euros for.

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About The Food

Inspired by tradition. Not traditional.

St. Pablo's tacos are created in a similar spirit as those of San Francisco's Mission District. "The Mission" is best known for its monster burritos, so it's no surprise that Mission tacos feature familiar burrito ingredients. Think beans, cheese, seasoned meats, fresh veggies, lettuce, avocado crema,  and salsa. 

Alles was man braucht.

Spicy Creamy Savory Sour Bright Fresh Crispy Crunchy Chewy Cheesy Yum Mexican Tacos CaliMex
Spicy & Creamy & Savory & Sour & Bright & Fresh & Crispy & Crunchy & Chewy & Cheesy & Yum


The menu continually develops and will likely always be evolving. That is part of the fun when this is your passion (!) and one of the benefits of working with a canvas as versatile as tortillas. You can bet your sweet Popo though that we will continually strive to produce some of the finest tacos to tickle your tastebuds. We are also happy to accomodate our vegetarian and vegan friends with seasonal offerings. And oh yeah, St. Pablo's tacos are naturally gluten free

Wow oh wow!

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