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Secret Modifiers

Extra spicy! (free) 1-10 How spicy would you like? 
Add cilantro (free)
Add pico de geilo salsa (free)
"Dirty Gabe" - cheese crust quesadilla or burrito (2€)
"Supreme" - add veggie mix to any meaty burrito or quesadilla (1€)
"Gimme the Funk" - add house-fermented escabeche (spicy cauliflower, carrots and chilies) to any burrito or quesadilla (1€)

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Spicy homemade chicken tortilla soup! 
Topped with cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, spring onions and coriander. 

Chili sin Carne

Our three-bean chili has a kick of spice and smokiness thanks to our blend of chilis, chipotles and spices. Topped with sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips, green onions and coriander.
ab 5€


A traditional Mexican breakfast made Saint Pablo's style. A mix of our vegetarian chili cooked with house-made tortilla chips, roasted tomato salsa and cheese. Topped off with sour cream and pico de geilo salsa. The dirty love-child of NACHOS x CHILI.
ab 7€


Potato Taco 3,50€
Potato Quesadilla 7,50€
Potato Burrito 8,60€